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Windows Phone 7 Tablet [Concept Video]

Uman Donkey, a graphic designer from UK, have created a concept design for a tablet powered by Windows Phone OS 7.0. The tablet have 8 inch capacitive touch screen with 2 web cams for 3D video calling. An inbuilt stand with an integrated keyboard makes it the design more appealing! We have also shared similar kind of concept design for Chrome OS Tablet, a tablet from Google which will be powered by equipped with Chrome OS most probably.

Although the design is very impressive but still the design is very much similar to the normal laptop when the integrated keyboard is unfolded. Wonder Microsoft will consider this design or not while introducing its new Windows Phone 7 OS based tablet? Jump to the video and check it out!

Windows Phone OS Tablet

With Apple iPad now set to hit the shelves, many companies are preparing to jump into the race of tablets like Google with GTablet, DELL Mini 5 from DELL, HP Slate from HP and now most probably Microsoft will play its role by releasing a Windows Phone 7.0 powered tablet in near future.

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    Sideburnt11 years, 4 months ago

    Thats great however once the keyboard is rotaed to the back of the device the keys are face down, so if you place the tablet on any surface you risk pressing the keys.


      Wolverine11 years, 2 months ago

      Yeah! It could possibly damage keys on rough surfaces!