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iTunes 9.1 Available For Download [What’s New]

iTunes 9.1 which was supposed to be unveiled on April 3rd (via MacRumors) has been released and is available for download at Apple's website. This new version of iPad has been specifically released iPad and is released before April 3rd so that people may get familiar to the new features added to it before they may get their hands on iPad. We have already shared number of new features that iTunes 9.1 will be offering. To recap, iTunes 9.1 will be featuring more advanced Books Section dubbed as iBooks for iPad, more enhanced Genius Mixes feature, an inbuilt audio converter and tweaked summary panes including Check for Update and Restore buttons are now shifted on the left side of the pane.

Download iTunes 9.1
iTunes 9.1 New Books Features
The prominent addition in iTunes 9.1 update is iPad syncing. Thus if and when you plug that glorious iPad of yours into your computer on Saturday, it’ll sync your computer's music, movies, books, and other media with your tablet device.
ATTENTION: Blackra1n users on iPhone 3.1.2 (tethered) Jailbreak, avoid updating to iTunes 9.1 or you'll loose your Jailbreak.

  • For full review of iTunes 9.1 please proceed to here.
  • Click here to download iTunes 9.1.

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