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iPad Can Make Emergency Calls? Regular Calls?

It seems that Apple upcoming tablet iPad will allow you to make emergency calls too along with its video conferencing and basic photo editing feature. According to Gumballtech, using the latest iPhone 3.2 SDK for iPad, if you enter iPad passcode incorrectly 5 times consecutively, you will see an emergency call screen just like the one you see on your iPhone.

The above screen can be easily achieved by first enabling the passcode lock and then entering the wrong passcode 5 times consecutively. It will disable your iPad access for 5 mins and will show a slider which on sliding will display emergency call screen as shown below.
iPad Emergency Call Screen
Apple may have included this functionality for 3G iPad models only to get it complaint with FCC regulations according to which "all wireless phones should be able to make emergency calls, even if the phones aren’t currently active or even assigned a number”.

This functionality of iPad may only be limited to making emergency calls because allowing regular calls on iPad will make it competitor to another similar Apple product called the iPhone which may effect its future iPhone sales.

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