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Google To Shutdown Search Operations In China On April 10?

According to China Business News, Google will cease its search operations in China on April 10th. We have already shared a detailed article on Google China Controversy. To recap on what happened, it all started last December when some Chinese hackers hacked the Gmail accounts of some human rights activists. As a reaction Google threatened China that it will no longer censor its search results in China and if Chinese Government didn't agree to the freedom of speech, it will have no other option than to close its search operations in China.

Google China
The Shanghai-based Chinese Business News is citing an anonymous Google Chinese employee, according to which the said company is looking into wrapping up on its search engine in China by April 10th. This news though is not confirmed by Google. Moreover Google has given its China employees the option of moving to the company’s U.S. headquarters or working for its Asia-Pacific operations.

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