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Students Can Save $20 On iPad Pre-Order

If you are a student and haven't pre-ordered your iPad until now then this is a golden chance for you. Apple will give you a $20 discount on every iPad if you will pre-order one of the multipacks (10 Pack). Apple started to accept pre-orders for iPads since March 12 and will start shipping these iPads from April 3rd. Over 150,000 pre-orders of iPad have already been received by Apple and many more to go.

K-12 Education Institutions
Simply go to the Education Store and search for your school via name, city & state or zip code.
Price details for Wi-Fi version of iPad 10-Pack can be seen in the screenshot below.
iPad Discount for Students
These days Apple is offering some surprise offers on iPad. First Apple offered replace warranty over iPad's dead battery and now $20 discount for students who want to buy iPad. While these packs can be ordered online by educational institutions, they might not arrive on launch day. See the delivery states in the above screenshot, its April (Not April 3rd like for single units). This is definitely a sign that Apple is very much ready to deliver the new device to its fans on due date. [via The Readers Eye]

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