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1 Million iPads Sold On First Day?

While many of you might be thinking whether you should buy an iPad or not?, over 91,000 iPads have already been sold in the first 6 hours of the presale excluding multiple orders. By 8 hours, this count must have hit 100,000 for sure. Over 51,000 units of iPads were sold within two hours of its pre-order which is very impressive! We would like to mention here that only 20,000 units of Google Nexus One were sold in the first week of its release. The ratio of iPad sales to Nexus One sales is 120:1 which means 120 iPads were shipped for every single Nexus One!

ipad Pre Sale Estimate
Fortune’s Phillip Elmer-DeWitt reports:

Victor Castroll from the Valcent Financial Group and AAPL Sanity says:

We're at 90k in 6 hours. Keep in mind, this doesn't include multiple orders but we have some dirty data from regular Apple business which now is about 4k orders out of the 88k orders. So, we estimate Apple has already sold about 90k today, not including in-store reserves.

$54 million in revenue in a quarter of a day is a great opening. Looks like contrary to much speculation about who would actually want one of these, like the iPhone, people are voting with their wallets. Considering these are just pre-orders for a product still three weeks out, iPad is home run.

Blogger Andrew Erlichson says:

We just bought two iPads, about 30 minutes apart. Our order IDs are 10,000 apart. Assuming those order IDs are sequential, and they appear to be, then Apple is selling 20,000 iPads per hour. Assuming most orders are for the $499 model, and that people are only buying 1 per order, that means Apple is selling $10MM/hour. Of course that is not sustainable, but if they did it for a year, it would be $87.6B.

Which iPads are people buying?

The 48 orders (for 54 iPads) reported to AAPL Sanity by Friday afternoon break down as follows:

Wi-Fi-only:37 units (69%)
Wi-Fi + 3G:17 (31%)
16 GB:21 (40%)
32 GB:15 (28%)
64 GB:18 (33%)

Please note that these estimates are not official. Its not known whether Apple will officially announce their count of iPad sales or not. Well Apple usually like to announce a giant number at one of the keynotes like they announced 1 billion app download in April 2009.

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