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Opera Mini For iPhone Is On Its Way

No doubt Opera Mini is the best mobile web browser with over 50 million active users world wide and now Opera is finally jumping to iPhone / iPod Touch which will multiply this count for sure. The first demonstration of Opera Mini running on iPhone 3GS was made at Mobile World Congress where it loaded New York Times webpage almost 5x times faster than iPhone 3GS' stock browser.

The reason behind the fast speed of Opera Mini as compared to other browsers is that it first compresses the data on Opera servers and then transfers the result to the phone where this compressed data is uncompressed and then displayed to the user. This saves alot of time and bandwidth at the same time. As far as iPhone is concerned its five times more faster than the stock browser of iPhone 3GS. You can simply do a double-tap to zoom in. Unlike stock browser of iPhone 3GS, you can interact with the content as soon as its being displayed on the screen. So you don't have to wait for the complete web-page to load first and then you may zoom or do other interactions with the page. However Opera refused to take any video or photograph of the demonstration of Opera Mini on iPhone.
Opera Mini On iPhone
According to Phillip Grønvold, Opera Software product analyst, Opera Mini for iPhone is 100% compliant with App Store policies. He also said that Opera Mini app is very close to completion and it won't take too long before they will submit it to the Apple App Store. He also added that the app meets all the terms and conditions of the App Store, so there are pretty much bright chances that the app will get approved from the App Store without any objection.

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