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Google to Release its Chrome OS Tablet [Pictures, Video Demo]

Apple's iPad was certainly the center of news for last couple of weeks, due to iPad fuss, we overlooked some of the important developments from Google. What that might be? Well, apparently it looks that search engine giant has firm plans to launch its own tablet. The name of tablet isn't clear yet, but people are calling it Google Chrome OS Tablet and gTablet. Google actually released news about its upcoming tablet before the release of iPad on Chrome-OS Dev Page, but the news came in spotlight when last night, Glen Murphy (Google UI Developer) blogged about some Chrome OS-based tablet ideas.

Most likely, Google Tablet will be quipped with Chrome OS, but it seems like Google is doing some experimentation with it to come up with a customized and better Chrome OS that will suit Netbooks and their upcoming tablet as well.

Some key features of Chrome OS tablet UI:

  • Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus
  • Launchers as an overlay, providing touch or search as means to access web sites
  • Contextual actions triggered via dwell
  • Zooming UI for multiple tabs
  • Tabs presented along the side of the screen
  • Creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher

Following are few concept images and a video demo posted by Google about Google Chrome tablet.

Here is video showing some highlights of Google Chrome tablet UI.

Stay tuned for more updates on Google Tablet!

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