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Unlock Nexus One Bootloader On Retail Devices

Remember when Google Nexus One was first rooted even before its official release providing you the complete access of Nexus One file system. But now Google Nexus One team has blocked bootloaders on the retail devices but fortunately Paul O’Brien at Modaco forums, same person who rooted Nexus One for the first time, has managed to unlock Nexus One bootloader on retail devices too.

Nexus One Unlock

The pre-release root of Nexus One via Superboot was probably possible due to engineering bootloader shipped on the devices distributed by Google. There is a secret command in bootloader which is when issued via fastboot gives you the warning as shown in the superboot rooting screen shot below. After using this command you can merrily unlock your bootloader and flash anything you want onto your device.

Steps To Unlock Nexus One Bootloader On Retail Devices:

  1. Download and extract fastboot for Windows, Mac and Linux (See link at the end of post)
  2. Run a command prompt / terminal at the directory you just extracted.
  3. Type 'fastboot-windows oem unlock' or './fastboot-mac oem unlock' or './fastboot-linux oem unlock'
  4. Proceed on your merry bootloader unlocked way.


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