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Google Nexus Two will be Manufactured by Motorola?

Google's first branded phone named as Nexus One has just been released, and the talks about next version of Google phone are already in the air. People at Mobile01 managed to get their hands on few photos of Motorola Shadow, which acc to them would be next version of Nexus One/Google Android phone. Nexus Two, as they are calling it will have a sliding QWERTY keyboard with multitouch screen.

We can say that Motorola Shadow/Nexus Two is an improved version of already popular Droid/Milestone design from Motorola, the looks/body color of this phone is certainly more appealing. We can't say with any affirmation that this phone would be Google Nexus One next version, as there is noting official on this from Google/Motorola. It's an interesting news through, as HTC has done a good job in designing Nexus One for Google, so ideally Google should continue its collaboration with HTC. [via Engadget]

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