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Enable Wireless And Wired Tethering On Android 2.1 [Nexus One]

Even before the release of Nexus One, Paul O’Brien at modaco forums managed to root Google Nexus. However after its release, bootloaders were locked by Google Nexus One team which was later unlocked by the same person via bootloader's hidden command. And now, just within week of the release of Nexus One, folks at XDA forums has hacked it again to enable wireless and wired tethering option in Android 2.1 by installing an addon over the top of the existing Android 2.1 firmware.

Nexus One Tethering

Remember this is NOT a full custom ROM but an add-ons pack which includes a custom kernel, Busybox, Nano 2.09, powertop, dropbear, wireless tethering option (Yay!), titanium backup and more. We will inform you as soon as a full custom ROM will be released by Cyanogen (Senior Memeber at XDA forums), so keep visiting!

Steps To Enable Wireless And Wired Tethering On Nexus One

  1. Don't forget to make a full backup using Nandroid
  2. You have to unlock bootbloader on Nexus One as bootloader is locked on all retailed Nexus One phones. A complete step by step guide to unlock bootloader can be found here
  3. If you haven't already rooted Nexus One, you may follow this link for a step by step guide to root Nexus One
  4. Now download the Nexus One Addon 0.1 from the source link and flash it over the existing firmware. Don’t wipe!
  5. Now simply install wireless tethering, VPNC client, Adfree, N1 Torch to your liking. If you want to enable wired tethering, you’ll need to download an app for that from either Android Market, or directly from here

Now Tethering has been enabled on Nexus One, so it won't take too long before hackers may enable multitouch functionality on Nexus One either from porting it over from Motorola Milestone ROM, or through the European version of Nexus One which have multitouch functionality.

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