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Download Google Chrome 4.0 For Windows

Google has officially released Google Chrome 4.0 which supports two main features i-e Chrome Extensions and Bookmark Sync. Both of these features were previously available on beta channel [Dev Version] of Google Chrome. Google Chrome has now over 1,500 extensions in the gallery; there were only 300 when the beta hit the streets. Google claims that Chrome 4 runs 40% faster than Chrome 3.

You may also install Greasemonkey scripts on Chrome 4 along with the extensions. Click here for a short tutorial to install Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome. All you need is to use this version instead of downloading the Dev version.


Extensions let you add new features and functions to your browser. Some provide one-click access to some of your favorite web applications like eBay and digg, or news and information sources such as NPR and Others are useful tweaks for performing common online tasks such as browsing photos, getting directions or shopping.

We have already shared our review on Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions | View all reviews under Google Chrome extensions.

Bookmark sync is a handy feature for those of you who use several computers — say, a laptop at work and a desktop at home. You can enable bookmark sync to synchronize your bookmarks on all of your computers so that when you create a bookmark on one computer, it's automatically added across all your computers. This means that you won't need to manually recreate the bookmark each time you switch computers.

Extensions are now available in the beta release of Chrome for Linux, but Mac users will still have to either do without or give the developer version a spin. We’ve embedded Google’s video about extensions for Windows below.

Download Google Chrome 4.0 for Windows

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