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Download Android 2.1 Custom ROM For Nexus One

Within the first week of Nexus One's release, Paul at Modaco forums has managed to release the first ever Android 2.1 custom ROM for Nexus One which packs a custom kernel, and includes busybox, nano 2.09, parted and sqlite tools, Wireless Tethering option (Yay!), titanium backup and more. Note that this custom ROM includes tethering hack of Nexus One which was previously available as a part of add-ons pack for Nexus One.

What Is Included In This ROM?

  1. Rooted with 'adb remount' permission and superuser APK
  2. MoDaCo Custom Kernel 1.0 - enabled netfilter, nfs, cifs, tun module, EXT4 and more
  3. Added busybox 1.15.3 - tweaked such that 'get information' in Swapper now works as desired
  4. Added nano 2.09 - text editor for use in shell mode
  5. Added parted and sqlite tools
  6. Added much more complete APN list
  7. Added Wireless Tether
  8. Added Titanium Backup
  9. Removed Amazon MP3 (can be re-added manually via APK)
  10. You can now check your MoDaCo Custom ROM (MCR) version from the about menu
  11. Optimised using the MCR build system

Nexus One Tethering

Steps To Install Android 2.1 Custom ROM On Nexus One

  1. You have to unlock bootbloader on Nexu One as bootloader is locked on all retailed Nexus One phones. A complete step by step guide to unlock bootloader can be found here.
  2. If you haven't already rooted Nexus One, you may follow this link for a step by step guide to root Nexus One
  3. Download the patched recovery image from the source and install it.
  4. Download the custom ROM from the source link and copy it to over to the SD card on the phone.
  5. Enter the recovery image (if you're not in it already) by powering on while pressing 'Home'.
  6. Select 'Nandroid backup' from the menu to do a backup.
  7. If you copied the custom ROM as, select 'apply', else select the option below.

This is it. Now you will be running custom Android 2.1 ROM on your Nexus One. [via Engadget]

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