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WWDC 2010, Apple to Announce Next Generation iPhone 4G in June?

Engaged has revealed an interesting news about Apple holding its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) at 'Moscone West' in June, 2010. They had some inside resource in Apple who confirmed that Macsone West center is mysteriously booked for Date (28th June 28 to 2nd July) for a 'Cooperate Event', which most probably is Apple's WWDC. If you recall, Apple has been making key announcements about its new Hardware/Software since last two years on WWDC events. In June, 2007 original iPhone was released; In June, 2008 iPhone 3G was announced and in June, 2009 iPhone 3GS was announced, so the time is right for Apple to put money on table and release its new iPhone 4G in June, 2010.

Few weeks ago, we informed about possible launch of iPhone 4G by Apple, it was a rumor at that time, it still is a rumor but as the events are shaping up, we can say with little affirmation that Next Generation iPhone 4G will soon be unveiled, also Apple must have a close eye on Google's upcoming Nexus One to be launched in Jan, 2010.

Let's see what iPhone 4G brings on table, improvements including faster processor, 5 megapixel camera, support for multi-tasking and new design are anticipated.

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