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How To Install / Use StumbleUpon Toolbar In Google Chrome

StumbleUpon is no doubt one of the most famous websites to find content over internet according to your interests. All you need is StumbleUpon toolbar with a Stumble button on it. However uptill now this toolbar was compatible with Mozilla Firefox, but now you can also use StumbleUpon toolbar in one of the famous open-source web browser by Google known as Google Chrome by using StumbleUpon extension for Google Chrome.

UPDATE : StumbleUpon Extension For Google Chrome Released. Download Now

Make sure your bookmarks bar in Google Chrome is always shown. If its not shown then press Ctrl+B to show Google Chrome bookmarks bar.

Right click on bookmarks bar and choose "Add page..."
In the Name field write "StumbleUpon" and in URL add the following line


Simply Drag the following link to bookmarks bar StumbleUpon

Now whenever you want to initiate the StumbleUpon toolbar, just click on the StumbleUpon the in bookmarks bar and you are done!

You may login into your account using the Login link on toolbar.

Toolbar includes the following buttons

  • Stumble!
  • I like this
  • Share
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter Share
  • Topic Selection Drop Down List
  • Comment Count
  • Home

The only two reasons why i was not shifting to Google Chrome were that Chrome had no support for Adblock Plus and StumbleUpon toolbar extension like in Mozilla Firefox. But now Google Chrome support both Adblock Plus and StumbleUpon toolbar.

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