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Download Windows Live Messenger 2010

Windows Live Messenger 2010 is out with new exciting features and improve looks and functionality, you can download it for FREE now(Link is given at the end of post). Few highlights of new Live Messenger are photos sharing, social updates from contacts, sending SMS and tabbed conversations. Complete list of new add-ons is given below.

windows live messenger 2010

List of new features:

* Integration with social networking websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter
* Tabbed chatting (we’ve heard this one before)
* A clean up of the program’s UI design
* Bigger display pictures by default
* More customizable toast alerts
* Fix server issues where messages become undelivered
* The ability to choose which side of the conversation display pictures appear on
* The option to turn off clear type font rendering

These feature certainly make new Windows Live Messenger more appealing and improved to use. I think it's worth giving it a try!

Download | Windows / MSN Live Messengers 2010.
Download | Patch MSN

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