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Twitter Finally Adds "Retweet" Feature Officially

Twitter has finally made retweeting easy by adding a retweet button next to reply button. Currently this feature is beta and is available to only limited no. of people on twitter who may use retweet feature on tweets of the people they follow. There is a handy icon on the top left corner of a retweet to distinguish it from other normal tweets.

Twitter Adds Retweet - 1

Twitter Adds Retweet - 2

On the pages of users you follow there’s an icon that indicates whether or not you’ll receive retweets from them. This is similar to the mobile icon that indicates whether or not you’re getting that user’s updates sent to your phone via SMS. The icon will be green if you are getting the retweets, and presumably you’ll be able to click the icon to turn off retweets from that specific user in the same way.

Twitter Adds Retweet - 3

Just below the retweet you can see retweet counter representing the number of people who have retweeted the post. Moreover there is one more option in sidebar below "Favorites" named "Retweets" through which you can filter out retweets from others, retweets by you and also your tweets that were retweeted. You may also undo a retweet by clicking on the "Undo" link :)

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