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Secure your Jailbroken iPhone from SSH Hacking With MobileTerminal App

Have the thought of securing your iPhone form Hacking ever breezed through your mind? If not, then you should better have consider securing your Jailbreaked iPhone from any possible imminent threat/hack. Recently a Dutch hacker threatened all jailbroked iPhone users with a notion that their iphones are unsafe and are at risk to suspected danger which might be hacking or personal information breach. He actually used some port scanning mechanism to find all jailreaked iPhones on a network in Netherlands, then he sent this message to all those users "Your iPhone’s been hacked because it’s really insecure! Please visit and secure your iPhone right now! Right now, I can access all your files". Question is, how one can find all jailbreaked iPhones on a telecom network, well I think that can't be done unless the hacker has some inside help from that operator.

iPhone Hacked
Hacker are usually able to find/access iPhones because of the fact that all iPhones have same default root password 'alpine' which everyone knows, and people usually forget to change the default password after jailbreaking, leaving their phone vulnerable to intrusion and hacking. The very first and a simple thing iPhone users can do to secure their iPhones is to change default root password or disable SSH in their phones. Here is a tutorial on how to change your default SSH root password to make sure that your iPhone is secured against possible hacking threats.

NOTE: This tutorial is for those who are on jailbreaked iPhones and have OpenSSH installed.

Step-1: Go to Cydia, search for MobileTerminal application and install it. Once application is successfully installed, Reboot your iPhone.

iPhone Mobile Terminal
Step 2: Start MobileTerminal app, you should see following CMD interface screen now.

iPhone MobileTerminal App
You now need to change passwords of your mobile and your root profile, don't get confused, just follow following steps for changing both passwords:

How to change your mobile/iPhone's Password
Type passwd and you will be asked for your old password which should be alpine, followed by a new one of your choice (twice).

iPhone:~ mobile$ passwd
Changing password of mobile.
Old password: alpine
New password: *****
Retype new password: *****

How to change your iPhone Root User Password
Type su to switch to root user, you will be asked for your password which should be alpine as well.

iPhone:~ mobile$ su - root
Enter root password: alpine
root@iPhone:/root> passwd
New password: *****
Retype new password: *****

That's all! Both password are changed and your iPhone should be quite secured now.

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