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Install / Upgrade Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 In Ubuntu (Linux)

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.5 as an update for Firefox 3.5.4 in which several security and stability issues are fixed. You may view complete list of changes in version 3.5.5 from here. Installing this update in Microsoft Windows is very easy however upgrading your existing Firefox to version 3.5.5 in Linux is bit tricky. Follow these simple steps to upgrade your Mozilla Firefox in Ubuntu (Linux).

How To Upgrade Your Firefox To Version 3.5.5

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 for Ubuntu.

After downloading firefox-3.5.5.tar.bz2 to your Ubuntu's desktop, right-click on it and choose CUT.

Go to your Home directory as shown in the screenshot below.

Paste firefox-3.5.5.tar.bz2 in your Home directory.

Now open any Firefox window and navigate to Help->About Mozilla Firefox to check the current version of Mozilla Firefox you have installed.

CASE I : You Have Previously Updated Mozilla Firefox

If you have already updated Mozilla Firefox in past to any version like 3.5.x then use the following command at terminal. The command below will revert back your Mozilla Firefox to default Ubuntu's version of Firefox which is mandatory for command in step II.

sudo rm /usr/bin/firefox && sudo dpkg-divert --rename --remove /usr/bin/firefox && sudo rm -r /opt/firefox

Now use the command in step II to install Firefox 3.5.5

CASE II : You Never Updated Firefox In Past

If you have never ever updated Firefox since installation of Ubuntu on your system, then you must have Ubuntu's default version of Firefox which is 3.0.8 for Ubuntu 9.04. Use the following command to install Firefox. There is no need for you to use the command in Step I. All those who have never updated their Firefox in past can use the command below directly otherwise first use the command in step I and then in Step II.

if [[ ! -f /usr/bin/firefox ]]; then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox; fi && if [[ -e ~/.mozilla ]]; then cp -R ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.backup; fi && sudo tar -jxvf firefox-3*.tar.bz2 -C /opt && rm firefox-3*.tar.bz2 && sudo mv /opt/firefox/plugins /opt/firefox/plugins.backup && sudo ln -s /usr/lib/xulrunner-addons/plugins /opt/firefox/plugins && sudo dpkg-divert --divert /usr/bin/firefox.ubuntu --rename /usr/bin/firefox && sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Thanks for following these instructions. If you have faced any problem during the up-gradation process please do mention in comments. I will try my best to solve your queries as soon as possible.

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    ram10 years, 11 months ago

    Thanks a lot i could update to 3.6.8 using your instructions

    Kishore11 years ago

    Thanks a Lot . I used this for firefox 3.6.6 as succeeded

    Linda11 years ago

    This helped me upgrade to firefox 3.6.6. Thanks a lot! :)

    mir imam11 years, 6 months ago

    i am using firefox 3.5.5 now,,,, (before it was 3.0.7)thanks alot bro,,,,,
    wish you all the best

    Prady11 years, 7 months ago

    cp: overwrite `/home/prady-vaio/.mozilla.backup/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini’?
    tar: firefox-3*.tar.bz2: Cannot open: No such file or directory
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    tar: Child returned status 2
    tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors