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How To Try New Google Search Interface

There had been some rumors lately about Google redesigning its Home Page/Search Interface, and guess what! the rumor turned into reality. Gizmodo posted a nice little trick to try out new Google Search Interface. Just follow below mentioned simple steps to experience new Google search.

Google New Search Interface

1. Go to in your browser. Ensure that you are on ( as it doesn't work for the local country pages like or

2. Just Copy and paste following JavaScript code into your browser’s URL field:


3. Press Enter.

4. Now again go to and refresh page or open a new tab, you should see new Google GUI/search interface.

Google New Search Interface - Jaxov

It seems that Google has taken some inspiration from, but it looks fine to me as I was getting bored of traditional Google search interface. Some you may think otherwise, so if you want to revert back to original/traditional Google search interface again, simply clear your browser's cookies and you are good to go.

Do share your thoughts about new interface in comments section.

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