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How To Install / Use Chrome OS In Windows

Chrome OS is an official open source operating system from Google whose final release is expected in the 2nd half of year 2010. However you can still give Chrome OS a test drive on a system running Microsoft Windows. The tutorial below will use Sun xVM VirtualBox but any other virtualization software like VMware Workstation can also be used. You may use the same procedure in Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and the latest Windows 7.

  1. Download Sun xVM VirtualBox for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux from here
  2. Install VirtualBox on your local hard-drive
  3. Download Google Chrome OS .vmdk file from here
  4. Now run VirtualBox and click on the "New" button to initialize "New Virtual Machine Wizard"
  5. Click "Next" and in Name field type "Chrome OS"
  6. In "OS Type" choose Operating System as "Linux" and version as "Other Linux"
  7. Click Next and choose RAM. I alloted 512 MB RAM to Chrome OS VM.
  8. Now click Next and Virtual Hard-disk click on "Existing" button and select the .vmdk file of Chrome OS that you downloaded in Step 3.

  9. Click "Next" and then click "Finish" button
  10. Once done! your final VM setup should look something like this:
  11. Now click on the Start button to boot Chrome OS
  12. Remember you must have a valid "Google ID" to login into Chrome OS

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