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How To Download RapidShare Files, Videos Without Waiting with RAPTOR [FREE]

Rapidshare is a renowned web-hosting platform, it offers free and premium services. Premium services are fine but there are many constraints for free users like no simultaneous downloads, timer/wait before each download and you can't start next download till one is finished, also there is a limit on downloading for free users.

RAPTOR is freeware tool, which can make some ease for Rapidshare users regarding queuing multiple links for download. It's a pretty simple tool for free users, one can add multiple download links in it and it will download each link one by one automatically, you don't have to perform no.of annoying steps each time on Rapidshare for downloading files.

raptor downlaod tool for rapidshare
It's basically a download manager for Rapidshare allowing you to Que multiple links for download. GUI of tool is very easy and self explanatory, only problem users may face while running this tool is that it's a Russian tool, so it's language is selected 'Russian' by default. To change the language to 'English', do as shown in following snapshot.

raptor interface language

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