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Google Chrome OS Screenshots, Source Code and Video Demo

Google has finally unveiled its much anticipated Operating System named 'Google Chrome OS'. Google OS is build on the concept of an 'Online Operating System', it's analogous to Chrome Browser, it's fast, robust, lightweight and secure. Main purpose of Google OS would be to target Netbook users, but there are some hints, depicting that Google would also try to target Windows users as well.

Google Chrome OS
Google Chrome OS Screenshots

Highlights of Chrome OS are:

  • It's an Open Source program/OS, platform for developers to build Apps
  • Fast and Lightweight
  • OS could be run x86 and ARM chips
  • OS will be majorly targeting Netbook users due to its online/internet usage
  • Can run in both Windows and Linux environments

Have a look at Google Chrome OS video demonstration.

Official release of Google OS is expected in 2nd half of year 2010, the reason behind releasing it before is to get users/developers opinions/input so the final product when released should be a better one.

UPDATE-1: How To Install / Use Chrome OS In Microsoft Windows
UPDATE-2: Download VMware Image Of Chrome OS

Download Google Chrome Operating System Source Code

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