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Download VMware Image Of Chrome OS

Earlier we shared a news about Google demonstrating its new upcoming Open Source Operating System named 'Chrome OS', and now its VMware Image is available for download. VMware is actually a platform which enables you to run a virtual OS on your current OS. All you need to do is to install VMware on your MAC / Windows OS and then mount Chrome OS .vmdk Image file.

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is an open source program that runs on Linux Kernel, hence it's a free platform for developers to test its source code before its official release, which is supposedly in 2nd half of year 2010. Main objective of Chrome OS would be to capture NetBook users, as the concept behind Chrome OS is to build a Lightweight Online/Cloud based Operating System, which is mainly required in NetBooks.

UPDATE: How To Install / Use Chrome OS In Microsoft Windows

Download VMware for Windows/Mac/Linux
Download VMware Image of Google Chrome OS
Download Source Code of Google Chrome OS

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