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Download Google Chrome For Mac OS X [GoogleChrome.dmg]

Google Chrome is well known for running web pages and apps at lightning speed and now Google Chrome ( developer version is available for Mac OS X. Mac users can also enjoy lightning speed of Google Chrome. But this release is just for developers and is far from being stable. So, its always advisable to wait for more stable release of Google Chrome for Mac OS X.

Update: Google Chrome For Mac Now Support Extensions And Bookmark Sync. Click here to download

Difference Between Chromium and Dev Builds of Chrome

Remember Chromium and Chrome are two different things. Google Chrome is much more stable than Chromium builds. The differences between the latest builds of Chromium and these developer builds of Chrome seem unnoticeable at this point. That’s what stopped me from using the developer builds of Chrome previously, they were far behind Chromium. That’s no longer the case. And, besides being more stable, the Chrome builds offer some additional perks, such as being able to import bookmarks, something which the Chromium builds turned off months ago for some unknown reason.

You may download developer build of Google Chrome for Mac from here

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