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How To Use FTP In Windows And Ubuntu [Linux]

In simple words File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a protocol used for transferring files across a TCP/IP network. Some times we need to upload any file to a server via FTP but not many of us know the correct procedure to login and upload files through FTP. This tutorial explains you how you can use FTP to upload any file through FTP in Windows and Ubuntu (Linux).

Although there are number of softwares which can help you to transfer files through FTP but this tutorial is about using FTP in Windows and Linux without any software.

How To Login Into FTP In Ubuntu Linux?

  1. Navigate to Places and then Connect to Server...
  2. Connect To Server

    Connect To Server

  3. Choose FTP (with login) in Service type: field
  4. Enter your domain name in Server: field
  5. Enter your user name in User Name: and leave the rest of the fields blank. Click Connect button
  6. Connect to Server (FTP Login)

    Connect to Server (FTP Login)

  7. You will be asked to enter password of the username you have entered
  8. Username And Password

    Username And Password

  9. Choose Remember forever radio button and click connect button
  10. After successful connection you will see a shortcut to your FTP home directory on your desktop

How To Login Into FTP In Microsoft Windows?

  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Type in the address bar and hit Enter key
  3. Right click any where on the white pane in window and choose Login As
  4. Windows FTP Login

    Windows FTP Login

  5. Enter your user name and password in User name: and Password: fields respectively
  6. Enter Username And Password

    Enter Username And Password

  7. Click Log On button and it will take you to your FTP home directory.

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