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How To Export All Posts Of Your WP-Blog To Delicious?

If you want to export all of your blog posts to your Delicious account then you should use Bookmark Export. Bookmark Export is a handy WordPress plugin which will export all of your posts with tags in an HTML file which you can easily import to your Delicious account in a matter of seconds. No need to submit each and every post of your blog by filling URL, Title, Notes and Tags etc. The HTML file that Bookmark Export will produce will be completely compatible with Delicious import bookmarks system.

Follow These Simple Steps To Make Your WordPress Blog Posts Synchronized With Your Delicious Account

  1. Download Bookmark Export from here
  2. Install Bookmark Export.
  3. Go to the Settings tab in your wp-admin page i-e and choose Bookmark Export.
  4. You will the following options.
  5. Export Posts Options

    Export Posts Options

  6. Click on the the link and you will be asked to save the HTML file containing all post titles and their tags on your local hard disk.
  7. Now go to
  8. Browse for the HTML file in step B and click on the Import Now button.

Ur done. This plugin is very useful for those who haven't used Delicious for their blogs. I must say you should use it to increase your backlinks and site traffic.

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