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How To Copy All Files From USB Stick To Hard Drive Secretly

USB Hidden File Copier is a small Free utility used to copy all files from a USB stick to local hard drive. All you need is to plugin the flash drive of your friend into your system and USB Hidden File Copier will do the rest for you. It will copy all files from his USB stick in a hidden process to your hard drive in a matter of seconds. It will always start at computer startup, or you can start it by pressing "Start" button in it's control panel. Although its immoral to use this program but still you may use it for fun and educational purpose.

USB Hidden File Copier

USB Hidden File Copier

Features of USB Hidden Copier

  1. Copies all files from USB drive to your computer secretly
  2. Works in invisible mode and pretty hard to know about this
  3. Choose any location on your computer to save copied files
  4. Featured control panel to manage settings and options
  5. Starts with the computer and works in background mode
  6. Alt+C shortcut key to start copying files manually
  7. Alt=E shortcut key to exit program and stop copying
  8. Copy files up to a maximum of 8GB

How To Use?

Its size is merely 630 kb and most of all its portable. No installation required, you only need to execute Control Panel.exe and it will open a small control panel in front of you. Click the save button to choose a destination on your hard disk and then click the Start button. Ur done.

Download USB Hidden File Copier [617kb Zipped]

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