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Nested Twitter Replies – Google Chrome/Firefox Greasemonkey Script

Do you feel difficultly in following Twitter conversation threads? Well Nested Twitter Replies is a powerful Gresemonkey Scripts which will provide you all the conversation history in the form of a thread. The script recursively follows the “in reply to [user]” and gets the entire conversation thread. Nested Twitter Replies will make your replies on Twitter just like replies to your status in Facebook. I think twitter should add this functionality in order to save its users from wandering around twitter profiles and find their respective replies.

Before Script Installation

Before Script Installation

After Script Installation

After Script Installation

How to Install In Google Chrome?

  1. Download Nested Twitter Replies.
  2. If you haven't configured Chromium for Greasemonkey scripts then Click here for a detailed tutorial of how you can use Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chromium.
  3. After configuring Chromium for Greasemonkey scripts, place Nested.user.js in your chrome User Scripts directory.
  4. Restart Chromium and you will see the script in action.
  5. I haved tested this script in Google Chromium and its working 100% fine. Click here for FULL Screenshot.

How to Install in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Install Greasemonkey Firefox addon from here.
  2. Restart Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Download Nested Twitter Replies.
  4. Drag Nested.user.js into any Firefox window.
  5. Greasemonkey will ask you to install the script. Click Install button
  6. Ur done.

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