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Check PageRank In Google Chrome Easily

Google PageRank is no doubt the best criteria to check the popularity of a website. Unfortunately Google Chrome have got no support for its very own Google toolbar, so people have discovered number of ways through which you can check thePageRank of a website. Previously we discussed about how you can install Google Chrome PageRank extension and also we shared a small tutorial about how you can create a simple Chrome extension. However some people have faced some difficulty in installing the PageRank extension, so i have decided to share a very simple way through which you can check PageRank of a website in Google Chrome with a single click.

Steps To Check PageRank In Google Chrome:

  1. If you don't have Google Chrome, download and install it.
    Open Google Chrome.
  2. Install this Google Chrome extension by clicking on Add to Chrome button. Thats it!
  3. Page Rank

If you have any other better script to check PageRank, then please do share it with us in comments.

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