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Install MSN Messenger On Ubuntu Linux

At first I found it quite difficult to use Pidgin Internet Messenger on Ubuntu Linux. Even though it allows signing into MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk, it still doesn't give me the real feel of an instant messenger. After a little research on the Internet, I was sad to find out that Microsoft does not provide a Linux version of MSN. But thanks to following two softwares you can enjoy MSN instant messaging on Linux just as you would on Windows.

KMess tops the list for me as its interface closely resembles to that of Windows Live Messenger. It features offline messages, Winks, Rich text chats, Emoticons and much more.

The other software that you can try is aMSN. It has all features of KMess and some other additional features such as Webcam support, Tabbed conversations and Voice Clips.

aMSN KMess

Otherwise you can always try installing original Windows Live Messenger using Wine on Linux. However there is no guarantee if this will work or not.

To install KMess and aMSN simply visit their respective websites or use the universe package repository in Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu.

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