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How To Enable Push Notifications On iPhone OS 3.0?

Now for the users who are in contract with AT&T, enabling the new Push Notifications feature on their new iPhone OS 3.0 won't be much of a problem. But for those with an unlocked iPhone, this needs to be hacked in order to be used.

As always, The iPhone Dev Team has cooked up something and come up with a way to enable Push Notifications on unlocked iPhone 3.0 as mentioned in one of their Twitter status.

So here is how to enable Push Notifications on your iPhone.

  1. For Windows, download WinSCP and for Mac, download Cyberduck and install the software.
  2. Install OpenSSH and MobileTerminal on your iPhone through Cydia.
  3. Connect the iPhone to computer and make sure iTunes is not running.
  4. Open WinSCP/Cyberduck and enter the following credentials to connect.
    • Hostname: IP address of your iPhone.
    • User name: root
    • Password: alpine
    • Port: 22
  5. After logging in, navigate to /Private/var/Keychains directory.
  6. Download, extract it and transfer the files nimble and inject to the directory in step#5.
  7. Right-click on each of the two files you just transferred, click on Properties and change the permission to 755.
  8. Make a backup of keychain-2.db file inside the current directory.
  9. Now download and extract the following files into the same directory.
    • youtube-cert.bin
    • youtube-key.bin
    • push-cert.bin
    • push-key.bin
  10. Open MobileTerminal on iPhone and write the command cd /Private/var/Keychains
  11. Now write ./inject and execute it such that a new keychain-2.db file is now created automatically.

Thats most of it! Just install any Push capable device to make use of Push Notifications. Also, Settings app will now show a new tab for 'Notifications'.

Note: IP address if your iPhone can be found under the DHCP settings of the WiFi network that your iPhone is connected to.

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