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How To Convert From Docx to Doc Format?

Docx is an open format that is now managed by a non-profit organization Ecma International and it is just a bundle of XML files zipped together. If you change the extension from .docx to .zip, you can actually extract and view these XML files. The .docx format was first introduces in Microsoft Office 2007 but the problem with this format is that it is not recognized by the older version of Microsoft Office. Here is a list of 4 methods through which you can convert from .docx to .doc files easily.

Docx To Doc

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack makes your new Microsoft Office 2007 files compatible with older Microsoft Office versions

Download Microsoft Office Compatibility

Open .Docx Files Online With Google Docs

With the recent addition of new file formats to the list of supported ones in Google Docs, users will now be able to not only upload and process .Docx file documents but will also be able to upload and process .xlsx spreadsheets with Google Spreadsheets.

Click to Explore Google Docs

Convert .Docx Files To .Rtf Format Using Docx2Rtf

Docx2Rtf is one such utility that will allow you to easily convert Microsoft Word 2007 (.Docx) and OpenOffice Files to Rtf format. Rtf (Rich Text Format) is the most simple document format which does not even require a separate software to open itself. Microsoft Wordpad which comes be default with Windows is capable of opening Rtf document files.

Download Docx2Rtf

Convert .Docx to .Doc Online, No Installation Required

I found this method best to able to read docx files without hassles of installing any software. There are number of online tools to convert docx format into doc.

Open .Docx in Open Office

If you have Open Office installed on your computer, then you need to install Open XML Translator to able to read docx files.

Download Open XML Translator

Open .Docx in Mac

For MS Office install on Macintosh system you need to install Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac.

Download Open XML File Format Converter

All the above methods work for docx extension word document files. My favorite is online conversion at Zamzar, it is fast and easy. Best part, you do not have to install any software.

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    Batch docx converter10 years, 8 months ago

    I see this quite often and the requests are coming in for converting docx to doc files in batch form – we’re talking hundreds of files! I wrote a small app just for the Mac called Batch Docx Converter – my site:

    Since most of my clients’ document are highly sensitive, the conversion could not work with online services such as Zamzar. This little utility can bang out thousands of doc -> docx or docx-> doc conversions in literally seconds!