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Rumored Features Of 3rd Generation iPhone

The Worldwide Developers '09 by Apple is only a day away and already, rumors and predictions about the new iPhone have started surfacing on various forums and blogs on the web. Now with months of anticipation, speculation and rumor highlights for the 3rd generation iPhone, it has become almost impossible for one to keep a tab on whats really authentic and whats not.

That's where the folks at The Green Room help us out with their graphical representation of the dozens of rumors that have been in circulation over past couple of months. The key in the rumor sheet helps to identify which of the rumors, as compared to others, are more likely to turn out to be true on the launch of the new iPhone.

iPhone Rumor Sheet
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As you can see, the green labeled rumors are the ones with the highest probability of turning out to be true. This indicates that the new iPhone will most likely (with a probably above 80%) have the following set of features:

  • Ability to send, upload videos.
  • Video editing capabilities.
  • An improved camera, 3.2 megapixel.
  • $199, $299 price points.
  • Better performance and RAM.
  • Up to 32GB of storage.
  • Digital compass and app.
  • Percentage battery indicator.

Interestingly! another rumor highlighted in green says a July 17th release date.

As some reports on the web are suggesting that Steve Jobs might soon return to work after WWDC '09 so there is a good chance that the release date rumor is quite true. Apple might just focus on iPhone OS 3.0 and apps during the WWDC '09 and have plans to launch the new iPhone right after the event along with the return of Steve Jobs.

Keep your fingers crossed and ears open. There is a lot to look forward to this Monday.

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