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Download SONY VAIO P Ringtone

Sony's new pocket style laptops(also known as Sony Vaio-P) are shinning bright in market these days, Sony also launched couple of good commercials at the time of Vaio-P launch depicting practicality of VAIP P laptops, the song or background music used in the commercial is very fascinating and getting popular, people are liking it very much and screening internet to download it, so I though to put all Sony Vaio-P multimedia stuff here on one page. I also created the ringtone of Sony Vaio-P background music/song, you can download it and put in your cell phones, it sound awesome! :)

For complete review of Sony Vaio-P notebook, CLICK HERE

Following are two videos which were released at Sony Vaio Pocket Style PC launch:

Click here to download HD version of this video.
Click here to download Sony Vaio-P Ringtone.

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    sachin6 years, 7 months ago

    good looks,quite handy the red one looks cool,nice,stylish i am planning to take this

    sachin6 years, 7 months ago

    good looks,cool quite handy i am planning to take this.