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Check Google PageRank of Entire Website Through Sitemap

Google PageRank is one of the most popular criteria to check the popularity of the website. PageRank values of individual web pages on a site can give you some good idea about the relative importance of these pages in the eyes of Google. If you want to check the PageRank of each page of your website then it is only one click away.

Google PageRank

Brandon Thomson created a useful project called PageRank Checker powered by Google App Engine which helps you in checking the pagerank of each page of your website in just one go. Check PageRankJust download the sitemap of your blog or website and sumbit it on this site. It will show you PageRank of each page of your website.

As far as bloggers are concerned, this utitlity is vey useful for them. As a blogger i would love to know which of my post is most famous over the internet. Moreover you can also find the PageRank of the bulk websites in one go. The service can also help you find the Google PageRank of all URLs that are linked from a particular web page.

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